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I’m reminded that vision, combined with values …

A reflective weekend of giving thanks, a bike ride around the sea wall, dinner with Laura and Dayna and a movie – The Interpreter.

Some feedback from a good friend of mine who has watched me develop over the past 15 years –

Simon, just wanted to give you a “Pat” on the back – web stuff – very good – the key thing is – to use one of Tony’s old expressions, the CANI – constant and never ending improvement – also the blog – well written, very entertaining and informative … Pat

It is a coaching off week creating the time for;

* My first Free “Ask the Advisor” Teleclasses on Monday, April 25th @ 7pm PDT or Wednesday or April 27th @ 11am PDT. There is still time to register – click here.
* A live presentation on A Scientific Approach to “Being” an Advisor versus “Doing” Sales to Financial Management (BC) Inc on Tuesday, April 26th
* Completing the speaking related web site main pages and speaking pages.
* !! And we are going to see those Irish Laggards 🙂 , U-2 on April 28th

As I continue to hold my focus on my vision and by giving thanks many times during the day for all that is being created –

I’m reminded that vision, combined with values and giving thanks continues to remind me of the energy that is present at the time of creation.