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I’m re-thinking the teleclass

A great day with finally delivering the April 1st E-Newsletters and the Revised Web Site Launch!

Web Site traffic is through the roof and we received instant feedback that the E-Newsletter is being read because we had a number of calls and e-mails to advise us that some web site links were not working. Thank you all.

And it is great to know that we have had replies to the How you can receive 30 days of one on one coaching risk free Offer.

Laura had a funny story. Laura’s cousin Teresa emailed her yesterday to wish us both happy belated birthdays. Teresa added in her email that although she hasn’t spoken to Laura in a while, she reads Simon’s blog daily so she knows what we are up to. So thank you Teresa for staying in touch.

We still have some Streaming Video to download to the Video Page and some of the links are still being worked on.

The TV commercial will be airing starting Monday on BCTV News on Global, and I thought of offering a Free Teleclass.

And then I thought.

Why am I doing it?

What is the Teleclass related to?

If clients get involved when they respect you, like you, trust you, know you, and when they are ready, then isn’t the Teleclass a little early?

And then it hit me. The Free Teleclass will be called “Ask The Advisor”.

Stay tuned for the “Ask The Advisor” Free Teleclass that will follow in the not too distant future.