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I’m Busy Becoming The Person That I Want To Attract

Given that I get involved with my clients in both business and personal coaching, I often get involved with my clients helping them to sort out the relationship struggles that they are going through.

My personal beliefs when it comes to personal relationships that have lasted more than six months where the client is dating or living common law goes with the question: Why aren’t you married?

If the person is the perfect person then the answer is either a yes or a no, there is not a maybe and six months should be enough time to figure it out. This may sound kind of Dr. Laura-ish … I learned this belief from another Laura, my wife on the first date that we had and I am a firm believer.

“I’m busy becoming the person that I want to attract” was said to me by a client when I asked them what their relationship status was. They too were following another Dr. Laura-ism; spending a minimum of six months completely on your own before starting another relationship so that you can heal from the past relationship and not rebounding to the next.