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If You Are Committed, Please Reply Before Today’s Call

There is do, or not do, there is no try” – Yoda

Sent 8am PDT Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Dear ________,

Thank you for the assignments that you have sent and I look forward to receiving the assignments on Tolerations & Boundaries.

This is written given that we have not received your cheques. It is a strong message.

– Life is about messages
– If we receive the message
– Then we get an attainment
– If we don’t get the message
– Then we create a problem
– If we don’t fix the problem
– Then we create a crisis
– Then we get the message

I realize that this may be a challenging time of year with flues going around and the additional work that goes on at this time of year.

At the same time, there is always something – RRSP Season, summer and the list goes on.

There is an expression “if you have done what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten” and this relates to commitment.

The difference between the clients that get results from coaching and those that don’t get results are the clients that get results are committed and the clients that don’t get results are only interested.

Interested versus committed shows up in every area of ones personal and business life.

Those that are committed follow through and do what ever it takes.

Coaching is about commitment and consistency.

For the coaching to be affective it is essential that the client get off to a strong start with all of the procedures because the very thing that we are trying to strengthen, the things that are sabotaging their business and personal lives and the reason that they hired a coach in the first place will sabotage the coaching process too.

One of the things that demonstrates commitment is we request that you send two postdated cheques to demonstrate that commitment. This was made clear and the invoices went out along with a reminder. As of today’s mail no cheques have been received.

What is unfortunate is – the lack of commitment on the client’s part starts to leak out onto the coach and the coach, instead of embracing working with the client wonders if this client is just going to take and take appointments without commitment to see if it will work? When a client comes from this place, the results will not be good as it is a self fulfilling prophesy because there was no commitment in the first place.

Please e-mail me your intention about the cheques in advance of today’s appointment and we can decide whether or not to go ahead – or not and as Yoda said “there is do or not do, there is no try”.

This is one of those times when you can sit back five years from now looking at the results that you created because you took action or you can look back and have this be another one of those times of could have, should have and only if I would have.

Worse yet, your dysfunctional ego mind will see this as an attack reflected from the past of being told yet again that you are not good enough. The dysfunctional ego mind has you locked into this tape playing over and over again and the outcome is certain; what ever you allow your dysfunctional ego mind to believe you create the evidence to make the beliefs real. The dysfunctional ego mind has to be right about this and find the evidence, for it were not true, then the dysfunctional ego mind would be seen as crazy and the dysfunctional ego mind can’t have that. So it has to make everyone else wrong.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you.

At the end of the day, “nothing outside of me exists”. Meaning, I create my experience. If I am not receiving cheques on time, then there must be some sort of belief that I too am not worthy of receiving abundance in some way shape or form. At the same time I am enabling clients to participate in this situation.

To this end, I believe you were the last new client that we requested cheques from as we have now converted to credit cards with brand new clients. When they say they are committed to working with us we take a credit card immediately to demonstrate their commitment and place a deposit on the card. The Risk Free still applies – if they are not satisfied at the end of 30 days then their money is refunded.

Thanks for listening.


Please e-mail me to indicate your intentions.

Thank you.



Here is a copy of a Coaching Call Client Prep Form from a client that I am speaking with at 9:30am:

The client replied at 11:30am PDT Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Sent 12 Noon PDT Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Dear ______________,

I believe you have a huge unmet need of security which generates beliefs that “I am not safe” and “There isn’t enough” and “Money is hard to get” and given that thoughts are real forces this is what you create and the anxiety along with it.

I’ve offered you the solution.

We are talking about a small amount for you to get something done with this. The question is what is it going to cost you if you continue to do what you are doing? What is it going to cost you if you fail in this business? What is it going to cost you if you have to go back to being a laborer? What is it going to cost you in 30 years looking back knowing that you had a chance to change and your ego’s need of safety and limiting beliefs were projected on this chance and you ruined it with your fear.

My e-mails were about “what are you going to do about the commitment”.

I’m not hearing this from you and I can’t continue.

If you want to continue you e-mail needs to say “I am ready to commit and I have my credit card number ready”.

That is the best I can do.

I wish you the best.


Sent 1pm PDT Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Dear ______________,

The Irony in this is as soon as you commit you are believing that things will change. You are believing that “You are worthy of receiving” and “You are in an abundant world”.

By failing to commit your are allowing your ego mind to continue to believe that “You are not worthy of receiving” and “You are living in a fear based and an unsafe world”.

What ever you believe, you are right.