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Identify and Remove Your Mental Road Blocks To Your Success

Removing Your Mental Roadblocks To Your Success includes the following steps;

– Values & Behaviors Assessments
– Identify & Eliminate Unmet Needs, Limiting Beliefs & Limiting Emotions
– Redefine Your Values
– Create A Personal Vision, Purpose & Mission

You will receive 100% money back guaranteed work and value through the following;

– Values & Behaviors Assessments
– Values & Behaviors Assessments Telephone Debriefing Session with Simon Reilly
– Bi-Weekly Telecoaching Calls with Simon Reilly
– The Leading Advisor Coaching Program Workbooks complete with well documented reading and assignments
– 24/7 E-Mail Coaching with Simon Reilly
– Weekly Goal Tracking Software

This creates a strong foundation to build your business and for Steps 2 – 9 of The Leading Advisor Coaching Program;

2. Construct a powerful three year vision
3. Plan the time to plan strategies & systems
4. Control your finances
5. Attract, hire & lead championship advisors & support team
6. Refine your selling & marketing skills
7. Create a low-cost niche marketing engine
8. Deliver ‘wow’ customer service
9. Maintain balance between work, rest & play

The first step of “Removing Your Mental Roadblocks To Your Success” uses a Scientific Approach that is based upon Values & Behaviors Assessments.

Through the Assessments we identify two important facets:

– “Values” are WHY, what motivates or what puts the thought in your mind to impel you to take action towards your goals. Through our research we have identified the Six Key “Values” of today’s most successful business people.
– “Behaviors” is the method “How” a person carries out that action.

Most people in business are not aware of the “Values” that are required to be successful in today’s business world. They may not fully understand the source of what motivates them. Therefore, they may have inconsistent “behaviors” in taking action towards their goals. At the end of the day they experience conflict, inconsistency, lack of motivation and even worse, unfulfilled business and personal lives.

Through Values & Behaviors Assessments, the Leading Advisor Coaching Program helps our clients to understand and implement the Values & Behaviors that are required to renew and maintain sustainable and consistent success.

If you want to maintain, build or turn around your business, the Leading Advisor Coaching Program is the only sustainable and designed system for building a strong foundation for your business to stand on.
While working with hundreds and hundreds of clients through their assessments, Leading Advisor has benchmarked the Values & Behaviors of today’s most successful Financial Advisors. Through the Assessments and the Leading Advisor Coaching Program our clients experience the following “sustainable” results;

In their desire to:

– Build & Lead A More Compelling Vision
– Build A Strategic Plan For The Future
– Set Bigger and Better Goals


– Lack Of Direction
– Micro Managing
– Too Many Balls In The Air
– Too Many Demanding & Unprofitable Clients
– Wasted Energy & Time

Allowing all Associates to:

– Make Better Decisions
– Create More Commitment & Involvement In The Company
– Developing More Accountability & Performance
– Increasing Sales Targets
– Assertively Responding to Larger Opportunities
– Increase Profitability
– Feel More Fulfilled & Happy