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I Still Intend To Show Up Energized

In light of spending most of yesterday traveling home from Saskatoon and not getting back until 7pm , I’m going to take it easy today. I still intend to show up energized and inspired for my client appointments and for an appointment with a prospective client.

As a side note, it is great to have appointments booked for twice the amount that we have actual spaces for. It will not be long before we have a waiting list.

Traveling is great because it provides space to focus and this trip was no exception.

While I was sitting in airports, on airplanes and in hotel rooms this is what I accomplished;


– Completed client coaching calls


– Reviewed an application that Laura prepared for CE Credits for the Alberta Insurance Council that relates to a presentation for The Investors Group.
– Reviewed our Speaking Folio and made some decisions on how to update it.
– Reviewed the format of the conversation that I have with prospective clients.
– Thought about a booth for a couple of upcoming conferences that we have been invited to.


– Updated my projects list.


– Developed a draft of the course material for two team building projects that I am working on for clients.

Public Speaking

– Reviewed my PowerPoint to see what I may have missed while delivering a speaking presentation without the PowerPoint. Considering NOT using a PowerPoint at all.


– Drafted an article on Inspiration.
– Drafted the next installment of the 12 Day “Being” An Advisor E-Course.
– Wrote the first draft of the April 1st E-Newsletter – “Being” An Advisor.


– Studied a sales seminar that I delivered to hundreds of clients between 1990 – 1993.