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I Say Extremely Successful Client Because –

I was speaking with an extremely successful client on Tuesday, September 19th whom I have been working with since the beginning of the year. I say extremely successful client because in this time they have doubled sales, hired an excellent assistant, moved into brand new offices, attracted a number of celebrity clients and these are only a few things that they have accomplished.

Today they were in a bit of a funk because I believe they have been busy and had forgotten about the many accomplishments that they have created and the following actions are what I recommend. “Sometimes the excitement of the climb gets eliminated by the fear of the heights”.

– Write a list of all of your accomplishments from January 2005 to date. Here is an example in a Blog article that I wrote; Giving Thanks & Forgiveness

– How do your accomplishments make you feel?

– What is the monetary value of these accomplishments? In my case one of these would be completing the Web Site Upgrade along with the Blog, E-Newsletter, 12 Day E-Course and the new workbook – 7 Actions To Take Now To Meet And Exceed Your Goals For 2006 – “Head Towards The Finish Line Knowing That You Are Going To Win!” The monetary value is somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000.

– Write out a Vision for your business/practice for 3 years from now. The 3-year question: “If we were meeting here in 3 years time, and looking back over the previous 36 months, what would have to have happened to you both personally and professionally for you to be satisfied with your progress?” Note: Remember your goals can relate to work, financial, family, physical, social, intellectual or spiritual matters.

– What is new and unique in the areas of customer service, marketing, products, systems, team building and training that you can introduce that will make your business the absolute best it can be?

– What are 3 actions steps for each of the above areas that you are going to act on?

– Schedule your actions.