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I Quit

It’s 11:48am ET on Thursday, November 5th and I’m nearly 3 hours into a 4 ½ hour flight to Calgary from Toronto on my way to Kelowna to speak on Friday morning.

The fourth financial advisor speaking presentation powerpoint for the week is ready to go for tomorrow.

I delivered the third financial advisor speaking presentation yesterday and I really enjoyed putting together the PowerPoint.

One of the slides was entitled; What Can I Quit?

Here is my list;

• Doing Weekly Reviews – create a time block and do them daily

• Type Setting Client Follow Up Calls – Time Block to Learn Voice Recognition Software or better yet have Tiffany set up Voice Recognition Software, Tiffany can then edit / proof read transcriptions and send to clients – OR – I can dictate Client Follow Up Instructions and send to Tiffany for type setting

• Thinking and shoulding about Making Sales Calls. Brace yourself folks, we don’t do sales calls unless asked – Send an invitation to have a conversation about coaching to the readers of the Blog, Book, E-Newsletter and the prospects that have seen me speak. Time block and act.

• Thinking and shoulding about Contacting Centers Of Influence via E-Mail and LinkedIn. – Time block and act.

• Speaking Update E-Mails – meet with Laura to discuss ideas and have Laura complete

• Daily blogging – create a time block and write five blogs for the upcoming week. While this blog looks like I am breaking my rules, the core of the first four blogs for this week were written in advance.

• Daily Twittering – same thing, create a time block to create a list of Tweets and forward to Tiffany to post from time to time over the course of the week.

• Research Financial Advisor / Investment Advisor Personal & Professional Development / non Product Related Articles that I can Blog about – Delegate to Tiffany

• Visiting FaceBook & LinkedIn over the course of the week – Time block for weekly action.

• Write The Monthly E-Newsletter Free Hand – Instead, create a time block to go back to all the client communications that I have written for the month and create / edit the articles for the E-Newsletter from there. Better yet, over the course of the month, copy articles / communications to Tiffany that I believe will be great E-Newsletter material and have Tiffany save them to one file ready for my time block and action … move toward Tiffany editing the articles for publication in the E-Newsletter and I will write the Introduction.

• Building The Digital Coaching GYM and Workshop Private Web Site – Time block to write instructions for completion and delegate to Kim Black

• Thinking and shoulding about new Web Site Product & Sales Pages – Time block to write instructions for completion and delegate to Kim Black

• Creating PowerPoints – research the top three leading edge things that will be on advisors minds for 2010. Ask Tiffany to research content and assemble raw material. Review raw material for the best. Create a Table Of Contents for the PowerPoint. Ask Tiffany to build the PowerPoint.

• Upgrade Maximizer / Interface with Outlook – Delegate to Tiffany

• Show Reel Creation – send Video Files to Tiffany to clip segments from and title, post to our site and U-Tube

• Cleaning My Office myself – Delegate