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I Need To Redefine My Job!

I need to redefine my job! I feel like I have nothing to do because my “new hire” is so efficient.”

That is the kind of response that I look for after I complete a hiring for an assistant for a solopreneur! And that is exactly what I received in an e-mail on Friday!

We have been doing extraordinary work in assisting our clients with their hiring projects. We currently have a number of these projects under way.


We have an extraordinary vision and system.

Are most people confident about their hiring system?

Absolutely not!

They hate hiring. And they are often consumed with anxiety and limiting beliefs and worry about whether they are going to be able to make a successful hire.


Because most of them have no system, it is a crap shoot, and they have attracted someone with one or all of the following in a past hiring mistake;

– The “hire” is not who they say they are
– The “hire” doesn’t have the experience or the skills that they say they have
– The “hire” causes conflict with clients and the other employees
– The “hire” complains, even though they can do the job, they want to do your job
– The “hire” is a one bagger
– The “hire” is the employee from hell. Does “Fatal Attraction” ring and bells?

One Baggers

Sam Walton the founder of Wal-Mart had all of his employees bagging groceries the first day on the job where he applied his one bagger, two bagger and three bagger assessment theory.

The new employees were assessed based upon the number of grocery bags they filled at a time while working at the check-out.

– Three baggers are natural enthusiasts and they always end up as Regional Managers
– Two baggers are competent and they do the job exactly and start and end on time 9 – 5pm
– One baggers are professionally miserable people. They are BMW’s (Bitchers, Moaners and Whiners). They whine about the customers, the prices, their colleagues, the weather, they whine about everything.

One baggers are one baggers. One baggers will drag you down, they will drag your team down and they will sabotage your business.

One baggers often do the job competently, so you will have to smoke them out. One baggers have got to go. Smoke them out of your organization, and it will take you 1 ?Ǭ? years.

How do you do this?

Send the employees on customer service courses, professional development courses, and hold regular meetings.

If you have a ?¢‚’temporary’ one bagger, an employee who is going thru a difficult period in their life, give them the time and space to recover. You need to distinguish between the temporary and the permanent.

Over time, with the focus on customer service, professional development and team meetings, the one bagger will simply leave on their own. The positive team environment will simply be too uncomfortable for them, and they will leave to find another organization to invade.

If the one bagger is the owner, then everybody leave! That will show him/her.

You can’t have an organization run by three baggers.

Your Next Hire Will Be Based Upon Your Beliefs & Your Hiring System

You have heard me quote John Kehoe – “Thoughts are real forces”.

With the lack of a system combined with limiting beliefs, one will attract exactly what they have been avoiding.

Our vision, experience and system will guarantee the right hire every time.


Our hiring system is based up Values & Behaviors Assessments.

– Values = “Why” we do what we do.

– Behaviors = “How” we do what we do.

Most people in business are not aware of the “Values” that are required to be successful in today’s business world. They may not fully understand the source of what motivates them. Therefore, they may have inconsistent “behaviors” in taking action towards their goals. At the end of the day they experience conflict, inconsistency, lack of motivation and even worse, unfulfilled business and personal lives.

Here is a summary of the system that we use;

– Review current Job Description & Ad if applicable
– Using Values & Behaviors Assessments – Pre-Assess & Determine the Values & Behaviors that are required for the Position so we can use this as a Benchmark.
– Write or Re-Write the Job Description for the Position
– Write or Re-Write the Ad for the Position
– Place the Ad
– Review the Resumes
– Reply to all Candidates & advise them of our Hiring System and that they will only be contacted if they qualify
– Short list
– Contact Candidates via e-mail and send them questions that we would like them to answer
– Review questions
– Short list
– Contact Candidates for Telephone interview
– Short list
– Contact Candidates for Values & Behaviors Assessments
– Short list
– Contact Candidates for Live Interview
– Short list
– Present 3 – 5 Qualified Candidates to our Client that can do the job