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I Don’t Think You Can Really Know Your Impact

I’m flying to Vancouver on Wednesday morning for a 9am Removing Your Roadblocks Presentation for Pro-Seminars and flying back the same morning.

* * *

I received this testimonial for our Removing Your Roadblocks e-newsletter on Tuesday morning and I asked the writer for permission to share his comments.

* * *

Good morning,

I tremendously enjoyed meeting you and hearing you speak at the Sales Congress in Toronto. I signed up and receive your Leading Advisor newsletter which have been stimulating to this tired old life insurance agent. I thought that I had sent my request for your continuiation of these helpful thoughts and ideas and wonder if I am safely back on your mailing list. Thanks for your time in reading and considering my email and my very best wishes to you in your helpfull persuits.


Michael Harwood

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your very kind and inspirational words.

Laura will make sure that you continue to receive the e-newsletter.

I am wondering if I may have your permission to share your kind words with
my readers.

Thanks so much,


Mr. Reilly,

How nice to so quickly read your kind response.

I don’t think you can really know your impact on people, your unselfish sharing of meaningfull ideas gets absorbed and the source doesn’t get recognized or remembered and thanked … for the many you’ve helped thank you again.

Any of my thoughts of course you may share … Michael