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I Don’t Like Monday’s & Bloody Viruses & Useless Spam

An early edition.

The day started off with one of our main computers (Laura’s) frozen with a virus.

Thank you to Simon Parson’s for his quick service and we were up and running around noon.

And even though we are quite meticulous with updating our computers and virus protection software, we still seemed to have picked one up.

So you can join me a chorus of Bob Geldof’s – I Don’t Like Monday’s. And look at the bright site, even though you can have a bad Monday, you may get Knighted one day.

Tell me why
I don’t like Mondays
I want to shoot
The whole day down

1968 – Writer for the then, infamous Georgia Straight in Vancouver

1979 – I Don’t Like Monday’s – The Boomtown Rats

1985 – Live Aid, held in London and Philadelphia

1986 – Knighthood

And while I am at it, join me in my frustration of voicing my dislike for the latest barrage of spam relating to pills, fake watches and pirated software – will it ever stop!


Now that I have that off my chest –

It is not just Monday’s –

It is the 4th Monday of the month which is always the tough one.

After taking the entire weekend off – invested the day in client communication and project work.

And as every good business person should do, block of regular time for service related actions relating to; auto, computers, internet service and the office air conditioner.

Our regular time for service related actions is the 4th week of the month. And then it hit me. Everything happens in its perfect order. The computer virus service could not have happened at a better time. It is the 4th week of the month when it is supposed to happen.

The bright side, it is a 3 day week and we are off from August 28th – August 2nd.

Thanks for letting me rant today.