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I Don’t Like Focus / Buffer Monday’s

– photo courtesy of www.teesplusmore.com

It’s Tuesday morning at about 6am and I’ve just spent an hour getting sorted out from yesterday which on the surface seemed to be a well planned and organized day – but it did not come off that way.

So what was the challenge? Where did my day go?

– Making the mistake of allowing my Monday morning to be booked with client appointments that did not happen last week for one reason or another and both of them were not ready – solution – do not book client appointments on Monday – it doesn’t work for either of us
– Our new bookkeeper was in and my day was interrupted with all kinds of questions – all good – still, interruptions on Monday’s when I don’t need them
– I’m working diligently on eliminating tolerations/loose ends before I go out on the road in November which will be very busy with 6 – 7 Financial Advisor Public Speaking Presentations and I want the tolerations/loose ends out of the way
– I’m still setting up the Gateway Tablet PC with software installations, software trial runs as I want to operate my main computer remotely while I am on the road and chasing down an extra battery and stylus which are hard to get in Canada, and after much searching they are out of stock 🙁
– Booking 8 Financial Advisor Public Speaking Presentations for January – April 2007
– I’m feeling the time crunch of the November E-Newsletter and going out on the road next week
– My Aesthetic Side wants to steal time away to create some new Powerpoints that I have in mind for next week’s gigs
– My Utilitarian Side is saying “just leave it alone – you are already getting rave reviews”
– I want to bring closure on two products that need to posted on our web site – “Removing Your Roadblocks” PowerPoint and E-Course and “Get Your Year In Gear” – come to think of it, these can be the basis for our December E-Newsletter
– Completing the editing on the new Financial Advisor Public Speaking Presentation e-mail

So what is the problem? I allowed my Buffer day (Monday) to be filled up with appointments (that should have been in Focus Days). My Monday is my day to get re-organized and focused for top performance.

What is the solution? Be firm with my time boundaries.

This journal has created a number or realizations:

– It demonstrates that I too am human and showing the human side of the coach working through their challenges will hopefully help others who face the same challenges.

– I’m also realizing that I have plenty of time next week to finish the November E-Newsletter.

– Our business is in good shape

– Or 2007 business plan is already in place and in play.