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Hydro Therapy Reminder Of An Intention

Laura and I have been taking it a lot easier over the past 10 days stopping our work at 4 – 5pm and taking the weekends off. ( 🙂 Meaning this Victoria Day Long Weekend for sure. In hindsight it has not be easy to do as I have been traveling 5 out of the last 8 weekends. )

We have been doing this to re-charge after investing a lot of time and energy into speaking and into our clients and new clients that we have attracted over the past 60 days.

Our after hours activities have included walks on the beach at low tide, taking drives out in the country to explore the numerous sites in our area and just enjoying the splendor of the environment.

This weekend we were treated by one of our clients to a trip to the spa that included time in the hydro therapy pool and a couple’s massage which was extraordinary.

One more thank you to my friend Pat for the very cool, XL green T-shirt inscribed with a Tibetan Symbol and the words “Being Love”. Pat offered this as a reminder of “Being” versus Doing.

As Laura and I sat in the hydro therapy pool, we were talking about the last time we were in a hydro therapy pool which was at the end of December 2005 at the Kingfisher Resort & Spa which again was another gift. Oh how attractive are we! 🙂 Here is a link to the Blog about the Kingfisher experience – January 3, 2006 – The Year of “Being” Awake.

Then Laura reminded me of something profound. “Do you remember when we were at the Kingfisher and you said that you were going to do a workshop there one day?”

This is one of those times that people say “I don’t believe it” which by the way totally invalidates the wonderful thing that just happened.

Instead Laura & I sat their in Ah and Wonder.

Laura was right. I did say I was going to do a workshop at the Kingfisher one day.

We are doing an exclusive 2 day workshop for a client and their team later this year at the Kingfisher.

The next intention –

I want to do a 2 day workshop for 20 people in late January of 2007 at the Kingfisher.

Here is a link to the Kingfisher.