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How Would You Approach Your Day If Your Bottom Line Was Going To Be Better Than You Expected?

Do you have an up-to-date Budget Cash Flow Spreadsheet that will tell you what your projected monthly bank balance will be on December 31st, 2006, January 31st, February 28th and every month thereafter until December 31st, 2007?

Why not?


Would it not stand to reason to have a document that:

– Incorporates your opening bank balances, less
– Checks that have not cleared, less
– Loans payments, less
– Savings/Investment contributions, less
– Tax contributions, less
– Expenses, plus
– Income from consulting and products – actual, equals
– Income from consulting and products – projected, equals
– Ending bank balance for the month

Not having an up-to-date Budget Cash Flow Spreadsheet supports and fuels your dysfunctional ego mind’s addiction to the unmet need of safety contributing to the limiting beliefs and perpetuated false reality that “money is tight” and this to crucify you with limiting emotions of anxiety and fear.

I had cause to write about this today because of an observation of a Financial Advisor going from not knowing where they stand on a monthly cash basis with all of the ensuing limiting beliefs and limiting emotions that are attached to being excited about their future.

It’s so ironic. The dysfunctional ego mind fools one into thinking that they have no time to plan and that they have to keep doing and doing and doing because they don’t have enough money and time.

In fact, the anxiety and fear is so great around what the future holds related to unknown projected bank balances that the individual is convinced by the dysfunctional ego mind that that they would not be able to handle the truth of what the bottom line looks like if they were to ever look. So they don’t. So they just keep working and working and working.

What is surprising is, once all of the information is installed in the Template Budget Cash Flow Spreadsheet that I provide my clients, they are more than pleasantly surprised because they finally took charge and faced the fear of their dysfunctional ego mind and once this is done, the bottom line is often times better than they expected.

How would you approach your day if your bottom line was going to be better than you expected?