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How Engaged Are You?


The above question has been asked of the participants of the Retreat Workshop that started with a 4pm Pacific Time, 1.5 hour orientation session.

My hat is off to the participants as 4pm Pacific Time is 7pm Eastern Time for them as they are all from Southern Ontario.

The focus of the question is directed towards me – How Engaged Am I?

I’m engaged enough to acknowledge the participants for a number of things;

– Their very cheery attitude
– That they are “engaged” given that we finished the Sunday Night Orientation at 5:45pm pacific time, 8:45pm Eastern Time for them
– Many of the participants got up at 2:30am / 3:00am Eastern Time to drive two hours to the airport to catch their flights
– They just had to arrive of what will turn out to be record breaking temperatures for the next three days in the land of “you only need air conditioning one day a year”. To make matters a little more challenging, the Kingfisher Retreat does not have air conditioning. 🙁


The participants are Engaged!

The reason that we are asking the question; “Are You Engaged?”

Focus = Results
Accountability = Focus