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Holiday Thanks Blog

Here is list of the things that Laura and I gave thanks for on our holidays, Saturday, July 28th- Sunday, August 5th.

• The love we share for each other.
• Laura’s organization and plans to make the holiday possible
• A reserve of clients, energy, health, money and time.
• Feeling for the first time in a very long time that our vision is clearly in place and all we have to do is follow the steps.
• The Salts Spring Tourist Information Center’s help in finding …
• Nancy & Trev McLean’s “By The Sea” B & B.

Laura on the front steps of the cottage at “By The Sea”.

Laura and I at “By The Sea”. The view was spectacular.

• Monday’s Salts Spring Artist’s Gallery Tour
The Pilgrimage Begins” Series by Jill Louise Campbell really caught our eye.

• Tuesday’s jazz concert with The Berklee Monterey Jazz Quartet

The Berklee Monterey Jazz Quartet

• Wednesday Kayak Lessons with Island Escapades where we leaned how to capsize ( 4 x each ) and learn how to do an assisted and unassisted rescue. I guess it was 4 X for me and I went in an extra time as I rolled the kayak an extra time on my unassisted rescue. We will be able to rent kayaks on our own now given that we have completed this training.
• Started reading Power Of The Soul by John Holland and Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach.


• ZZZZ’s, rest, R & R, love, peace, joy, relaxation and inspiration.

Back to tending the flowers at home. Can you see the four frogs in the picture?