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Hiring Game Plan

Here is an e-mail to a client, that we are working with, on hiring two staff members for.

Here is the game plan.

Read your updated budget cash flow and get a sense of how comfortable you are with the projected sales figures … can you do it? … how do you feel? … comfortable? Or is your hair on fire?

Look at the two job descriptions … what percentage of time will they take i.e. what percentage of 100% are they of a full time position? What else could you delegate to make them into a full time position? Then again, it could be two 4 day a week positions?

I am OK with all of this … just testing the water.

Laura is writing the values and behaviors based ads and will get them to you asap.

You will need to place these and link them to the job descriptions on your site.

Laura will e-mail you the hiring procedure documents so that you can follow them.