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Hiring For A “Triple A” Personality Financial Advisor

Yesterday was what one dreams of.

A 9am flight to Vancouver to meet with Nicky Sung of FM Financial for an interview to discuss different ways to add value to each of our businesses.

A 12:15 luncheon presentation hosted by Ralph Fege to top life insurance advisors for Freedom 55. Thank you Ralph.

A 2:30pm flight home.

Here is a copy of a letter that I wrote to a client relating to Hiring For A “Triple A” Personality Financial Advisor.

Dear John Doe,

Thank you for completing your assessments in follow up to our discussion about coaching and hiring you a new assistant with the potential of building you a team.

This work is more about your own coaching than it is about hiring. Without the coaching you will just repeat the same patterns that you have been creating. If you do the coaching you will surpass your wildest expectations and have a fighting chance to hire an assistant that will stay.

Please read the following document and e-mail me back if you would like to continue working together.

This document is designed in a way to embrace our relationship or end it. If what I am saying and am about to say pushes too many buttons then either you are not ready to do what it takes to make the changes to create a team or you would simply be better off to stay the way you are.

To confirm the assessments identify values and behaviors. Values are WHY you do what you do. Behaviors are HOW you do what you do.

The only reason that we have conflict and misunderstandings with other individuals and make huge hiring mistakes is because;

– we don’t understand our own values and behaviors
– we don’t understand the values and behaviors that are required to do our job
– we think that everyone should be able to do the job just like us
– we judge everyone based upon our values and behaviors
– we don’t understand the values and behaviors that are required to do the job that we are hiring for
– we hire people that are just like us and they are unable to do the job because they have similar values and behaviors to us and they will not do the job because they dislike the tasks in the job description just as much as we do
– we hire people that are the complete opposite of us with the wrong values and behaviors and we blame them because they are unable to do the job
– we have huge unmet needs that we are unconsciously trying to get met through our business (a huge mistake – for more on values and unmet needs please see the bottom of this document)
– we don’t take the time or we don’t value the time to invest in the person that we hire or value them enough to give them the proper training that they deserve
– we set them up to fail through the ignorance of “the job is so simple, they should be able to do the job!”
– we set them up to quit without notice and go and work for the competition
– we set ourselves up to create a lot of fear around the hiring process which will doom it to fail time and time again

Again, this opportunity is as much about coaching as it is about hiring.

The reason that I say that is if you don’t learn your values and behaviors and the effective ways to communicate with other people with different values and behaviors, the project it sure to fail for the reasons that I have listed.

As I have said, you are a very strong individual.

You are in the top 1% of the top 1% of the values and behaviors that are required to be an exceedingly strong financial advisor. You are off the scale when it comes to power, drive, assertiveness, decision making, closing etc.

Have you ever heard the expression that “they are so far behind that they think that they are first”?

On the flip side, what good is being so far ahead because you may be first and alienating other people at the same time? Again this is caused by incomplete unmet needs.

The thing we have to remember is that power ultimately corrupts and that fire burns people if they get to close. Why do people need unmet needs based power anyway? If you need to have power over something it has power over you.

So it is not about us finding the right person to be our assistant.

It is about us learning how to balance the gift that we have of being the top 1% of the top 1% and understand the values and behaviors of others. If we don’t they will just say f**k you under their breath and walk out the door. Usually to the competition. Ha! Then they will get back at you rebounding from the power struggle that you created in the first place.

So you have to decide. Do you want to build a business? Do want to continue doing everything yourself?

The big question is; are you coachable? You may not be.

To continue with our work please e-mail me back to let me know that you understand what I have said in this document and that you wish to continue.

I will then send you a term sheet, risk free document and post-dated invoices. In fact you can view the Risk Free document by clicking here; Risk Free

I invoice in advance to make it clear that we are consummating a relationship and that the fees are understood.

The next steps are;

– schedule an appointment to debrief your assessment
– provide you some assignments to help you get focused on your values versus your unmet needs (for more info on unmet needs, please see the bottom of this document)
– schedule our next appointment to review your assignments

There is an expression in my business; “The client does the work! The client does the work! The client does the work! I am not looking for a hiring job however I will coach you through the process and do some of the work.

The above steps are for your coaching.

The next steps for the hiring will be;

– provide values and behaviors job assessment to filled out by you
– create a job description – through your HR or through an interview
– salary to be discussed (because of your values and behaviors and expectations you must be prepared to pay as much as 33% more by way of salary / bonus to attract the person that you require)
– create a values and behaviors based Ad (placement to be discussed based upon budget)
– we will pre-screen the resumes and conduct, first, second and third interviews
– we will assess the qualified candidates
– we will present the candidate to you that will be able to do the job
– upon acceptance we will debrief the values and behaviors assessment with the candidate to explain your values and behaviors so that the candidate does not misunderstand you and quit
– we will consult with you on an ongoing basis to manage communications, conflict and employee quarterly reviews.

Thank you for your time.

I look forward to working together.