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He’s Living The Life Of Reilly


It’s 11am on Monday morning and I am taking a Blog break from writing my book.

Finally … the business life of my dreams … an abundant practice and the time to write.

About 10 days ago, Phil Hauser mentioned that I should make the book about a fictitious financial advisor. Honestly, when I heard Phil mention this I felt some anger as I had already established the table of contents.

I’ve been reflecting on what Phil said to me. Life is about messages. Why was I or my ego angry?

It has been a long journey getting the technology together for the Leading Advisor Coaching Program and The Secret To Removing Your Roadblocks To Your Success Book.

This could easily hook me into writing more and more on the technical side which is all left brain.

In advance of this week off from client calls and with the month of February off from public speaking during RSP season, changing the technical focus of my book to include a fictitious financial advisor has been going through my mind.

Today was the first day of getting back into the writing and I started writing about fictitious financial advisors named Douglas Capital, Mary O’Coin, Armstrong Moremoney and Samuel Security and the words and stories are just flying onto the page.

I easily wrote 12 book sized pages this morning and I believe that writing about fictitious characters causes me to get more in the right brain or heart of it all. While the technology is great, I realize that I’ve got to make it more about the reader to associate them to the technology.

Thank you Phil Hauser!

I am having a hell of a lot fun with writing and this connects me to an inkling of a vision that I have of writing books and speaking to large audiences.

I’d be living the life of Reilly! Well maybe …

Being Irish, I’ve heard the expression, “living the life of Reilly” many, many times.

For fun, I thought that I would research what this is all about.

The expression of “living the life of Reilly” originated in the 1880s from a song called, “Is that Mr. Reilly?”

“Is that Mr. Reilly?”

[Verse 1]

Pat McCann a working man complained about his job
He carried bricks an clay on his shoulders every day
He though the job too hard so he resigned a year ago
Became a politician and he made a lot of dough


And now, he’s living the life of Reilly
Every-body respects him highly
When he goes in – to society

As he wears a big silk hat that looks like an Irish diplomat
His friends just sent an invitation
to lead the march on old St. Patrick’s Day

He used to work at carrying bricks
but since he got in politics
sure, he’s living the life of Reilly

[Verse 2]

Everywhere that Paddy goes they treat him like a prince
He says that very soon, he’ll be owning a saloon
An when it comes to making dough he surely takes the cake
last night we caught him selling tickets to an Irish wake