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Here Is A Posting To An Advisor Blog And A Great Testimonial

It’s 6pm on Monday evening August 15th and I’m just sitting down to write the August 15th “More Profit & More Time” E-Newsletter.

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An amazing day. The work on the Vision, Goals, Budget, Project Planning & Time Management are starting to take affect.

I started today with a 24/7 Time Blocked Plan For the Week based upon the Vision, Goals, Budget, Project Planning. What a difference! Actually there are too many results to list.

Here Is A Posting To An Advisor Blog And A Great Testimonial

In response to the post of coaching, I am very familiar of the other different coaching programs that are currently available. Some of these coaches mentioned in the previous posts, I have the opportunity of sitting in on some very informative workshops.

In my opinion, I feel that any advisor that is serious of our business should retain a coach, immediately.

For the last seven years, I simply was too “uncoachable” and stubborn to heed any coach’s advice. I tried to be my own coach which was a mistake. I had sought to find a coach that helps me to meet with my desires, needs and wants. Most of them were the cookie cutter type and simply did not fit my profile. I looked far and wide through Canada and the United States for that “one” perfect fit

Retaining a coach is like trying to find the right fit for a suit, it may be painstaking but it is well worth the wait

I was referred to a coach by the name of Simon Reilly, (www.leadingadvisor.com) and after reviewing his extensive website; I took the plunge and engaged his services. A perfect fit.

I found that Simon has developed a unique scientific approach that has helped me to understand the values and behaviors that are required to create sustainable and ongoing success. In brief, values are why or what motivates me to take action in my business and behaviors are how I am taking action in my business. Simon has benchmarked the values & behaviors of the most successful financial advisors. Through personalized values and behaviors assessments, Simon was able to demonstrate my areas of strength and the areas that I needed to strengthen. More importantly, the assessments demonstrated the changes that I needed to make and the coaching program provides me with the systems to enable me implement a lot of the valuable training that I have experienced over the years. I’ve been working with Simon and the system and I am having my best year ever

In closing, I thought that coaching was only for “high end advisors” that already have an established clientele and the fees associated with coaching were somewhat cost prohibitive. Boy, was I wrong. Every one who is serious about their business needs a coach. I just now consider the costs as investments into my future. My income within 6 months has increased 200% over last year’s results.

If any advisor is wondering if coaching is worth the investment of time and money, take the initiative and simply as the Nike commercial says “Just do it”

Stewart J. Hobden
Cornerstonefncl @ bellnet.ca
Cornerstone & Associates
London, Ontario