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Happy New Year – On The Road Again!


To start off, I thought that it would be fun to take a picture of all of the equipment that I take with me to bring my office on the road for a week. It’s a wonder that I don’t glow when I go through airport security.

Here’s the rundown of the photo going clockwise.

– Tablet computer
– Cell phone charger
– Cell phone spare battery
– Cell phone
– Cell phone headset
– Power point clicker, cable and case
– Wireless mouse
– Analogue headset, headset router and power supply
– MP3 recorder and cable for voice recognition software
– Internet connection cable
– Digital camera connection cable
– Portable printer toner, connection cables and power supply
– Headset for airplane
– Portable battery for tablet computer
– Air card for wireless internet connection

Our first work week of January and 2007 started with a 3:45am PST wake up on Sunday, January 7th to catch a 6:30am flight to Toronto, ON from Comox, BC via Calgary, AL.

Our 1 hour 4:30am drive to Comox, BC included driving through a deluge of rain and the highway had many dangerous hydroplane spots along the way – this is where 4 wheel drive comes in handy.

One might ask why I am going out on the road to present two Financial Advisor Public Speaking Presentations on behalf of Pro-Seminars on January 9th in Toronto, ON and on January 10th in London, ON when our practice is full.

You market when your well is full. You don’t start digging a well when your well is dry.

This week is very unique in that I am flying to Ontario, two days before my first presentation so that I acclimatize to the Eastern Time zone. This is versus arriving at my hotel close to midnight eastern time and then waking up far too early to present at 8am eastern when it is 5am pacific My mind and spirit are present but my body has been definitely asleep. It was time for a change.

So I’ll arrive in Toronto at 3pm EST on Sunday, work with clients over the telephone on Monday and then speak at 8am on Tuesday morning in Toronto and use the rest of the day to work with clients over the telephone. I’ll drive to London on Tuesday evening to present in London at 8am Wednesday morning and you guessed it, work with clients over the telephone for the balance of Wednesday and all day Thursday. I’ll fly home early Friday morning and be home in time for lunch with my beautiful wife.

So this week’s priorities and my plane flight will include the time to:

– Complete client file reviews on all my clients so that I am fully associated to them to provide them with a strong start for 2007
– Removing Your Roadblocks To Success Power Point review and preparation
– Intention and Goals Setting for Tuesday’s & Wednesday’s Presentations
– Blogging articles to share the outcomes of my Holiday Planning Process
– January E-Newsletter writing