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Happy Birthday, World Lux, Your Team’s Neediness

First of all –

Happy Birthday to Laura Reilly – we are going into the city this evening to celebrate with friends.

Our Booth Sponsor is World Lux!

We have a number of speaking engagements were we have been invited to participate with a trade show booth.

I want to do a draw at our booth with something substantial.

World Lux has graciously stepped forward to provide an engraved Montblanc pen. Here is a look at the display board for the draw. Of course it will be centered – the Blog publishing software doesn’t allow me to publish it as centered.

We will also be giving these pens as gifts to advisors that refer business to us.

Win a Genuine MONTBLANC Pen!
** $325.00 value **

Sponsored by World Lux and Leading Advisor.

Just drop your business card* for your chance to win

They say details make the person
Montblanc’s expertly crafted luxury writing instrument
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Best of luck, and thanks for entering!

Your Team’s Neediness

In speaking with an advisor yesterday, they told me that they wanted application coaching for the issues that are going on in their business. This is versus the touchy feely stuff. I indicated that they needed to take the time to get down deep into the limiting beliefs that are spreading fear into their business, customers and team. I mentioned that their business is a reflection of what is going on inside their subconscious. They wanted something that they could use right now versus doing the internal stuff that would create long lasting sustainable results.

I just read this in my April edition of Fast Company magazine; it jumped off the page –

The Corporate Shrink

How to communicate confidence, and success, in a new company.

From: Issue 104 | April 2006 | Page 108 By: Dr. Kerry J. Sulkowicz

Worse yet, your team’s neediness could be fueling a vicious circle of fear and desperation.

We’re in a conundrum that so many early-stage companies face: No one will invest unless we have customers, but customers want to see that we have enough resources. This catch-22 has been going on for a year; we’ve even attempted to offer customers stock–to no avail. How do we communicate confidence in our venture?

Well, nothing breeds success like success–but that doesn’t exactly help, eh? Assuming you have a good product or service to sell–you do, right?–then it’s time to reevaluate your pitch in the cold, hard light of day.

First, consider the possibility that you’re sending mixed messages. Your questions suggest that your management team itself might lack confidence in the soundness of the venture. If so, that’s something you could be transmitting inadvertently to customers. Authenticity is hard to fake. Perhaps you need to fix something about your offering before you can make it sound more compelling.

Alternatively, you could be coming on too strong. That’s perfectly understandable; it can be a way of overcompensating for the very real uncertainty that surrounds an early-stage company. But if you aren’t acknowledging even a modicum of doubt, then potential buyers might sense an attempt to cover something up.

Worse yet, your team’s neediness could be fueling a vicious circle of fear and desperation. Customers and investors pick up subliminally on your edgy cues and back off–which sparks even greater internal panic. Stop the cycle before it wreaks more damage: Take a step back, see if any of these symptoms resonate, and take the necessary medicine.