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Happy Birthday John Gerald Reilly

I am writing this Blog on Tuesday, April 17th at 6pm PDT as I sit down to watch the Vancouver Canucks play the Dallas Stars in Game #4 of the First Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Canucks are ahead 2 games to 1 in the series. Go Canucks Go!

April 17th was the birthday of my late father John Gerald Reilly. I mark this day with a day of thanks for his bravery, courage and heart and for what it must have taken to immigrate from Ireland via England to Vancouver, BC in 1957 without knowing a soul in Oh Canada! He made the commitment to immigrate to make a better life for his family.

Today was a day of back to back client coaching calls and celebration as I am observing my clients are breaking through their roadblocks because of their dedication to practicing the strategies that they learned through the assignments that we are working on together.

I’m taking the liberty to post the Testimonials from Friday’s Calgary Independent Financial Brokers Association Presentation;

“Keen insight to the advisor’s mindset, offered solutions”

“Great information on things we don’t think about that limits our ability to increase our business. Understanding that subconscious affects sales ability.”

“High energy – well presented – I liked the focus/ emphasis on values, the critical importance of addressing ones beliefs/ mental roadblocks. Wow! The presentation that I needed to hear right now.”

“Your passion and perceived value.”
“Informative and targeted session – feelings of increased vision and clarity.”

“Bringing awareness to my “coasting” – I’m not working my values.”

“Talks about vision and asking for referrals and talks about un-met needs.”

“Enthusiasm – focus on values. Ideas that will help me work with my assistant.”

“Moved along really well – good info with great passion.”

“Helped me to recognize my road blocks. There is help out there. Motivation.”

“High energy presentation – new ideas on self-motivation.”

“Tips on how to make changes now re: categorizing and priorities. High energy presenter.”

“You talked on topic with energy – positive energy.”

“Mental road blocks – understanding unmet needs may be holding me back.”

“Quality of info and energy of presentation.”

“Enthusiasm/ importance of planning and recruiting. Importance of “niche” rather than spreading ourselves too thin with too many products.”

“Inspirational, easy to listen to”

“Great Info – Motivation”

“Excellent ideas and review of “value” planning vs. unmet needs based performance”

“I liked the way you spoke and presented with passion. Ideas of how to work with my assistant. The importance of knowing and understanding my values.”