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Happiness, Harmony, Staple

My 4:30pm ride home.


It’s 2:30pm and I am writing this Blog from a day room at the hotel where I spoke at 9am on Thursday, September 20th. Sometimes I have speaking and have coaching calls on the same day so I book a hotel room for the day to use as an office after I finish speaking. I just completed my speaking, prospect calls and coaching calls for the day and I am flying home at 4:30pm.

Happiness, Harmony, Staple
Happiness, Harmony, Staple
Happiness, Harmony, Staple

That was my affirmation as I sat in the lobby of the Best Western Abercorn Inn in Richmond, BC at 8:50am in advance of my 9am speaking enegagment for Pro-Seminars stapling together an extra 30 handouts as Pro-Seminars enrolled more attendees that we expected.

I was pleasantly surprised that my mind was completely quiet when I got up at 4:30am to catch a 7am float plane from Nanaimo to Richmond, BC.

This is as a result of doing what ever it takes to clear the volume of work that I have had from September 3rd. What ever it takes included a few 4am starts and working part of the days of the weekends to get on top of the wall of work that hit us right after Labor Day.

I thought of nothing other than “I choose happiness” as I drove the 30 minute drive to Nanaimo.

Even my Power Point is fixed and I was completely ready with the intention to add 101% value to the audience and that is exactly what they received.

My speaking was one of my best ever. We received three requests to become a client from members of the audience which matches the same result as we received from Monday’s presentation in Edmonton, AB.

I spoke on the phone at 1:30pm with a prospect that saw me speak last week in Las Vegas who became a client and at 2:15pm with another prospect that is a referral who became a client.

Laura just sent me an e-mail to tell me that she is booking us for the Advocis Calgary Sales Congress Event in May 2008.

This week is shaping up to being one of our best reflecting the pace that we had from January – May of this year. Our momentum is returning after being off the road from June – August.

How do you get to Happiness and Harmony ………….. well Staple of course.