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Great Progress On The Book

I’ve made great progress on the book since last Wednesday as I worked on the book on my flight home from Toronto, ON and during the Ferry crossings on Saturday.

I am using the order in which I deliver the topics in my Power Point as a prioritized structure for the book … categories or chapters if you will.

The Power Point has been type set.

My next step was to review all the writing material that I have created in articles, blogs and newsletters and categorize these so that they can be applied to the order of the categories in my Power Point. Categorizing the content of the articles, blogs and newsletters is now complete.

The next step is to integrate the Power Point writing and the content of the articles, blogs and newsletters by category.

The next step is to merge it all together then edit, cut, paste etc. creating a rough draft of the book.

The next step is to write whatever copy that may need to be expanded upon adding assignments and exercises that relate to the categories … which should not be much … I hope.

I should be able to make great progress as the majority of the days for this upcoming week are Product Development Days where I will write in the early morning till noon, use the early part of the afternoon for business administration tasks and use the later part of the afternoon for fun. So that is the game plan until now and September 4th.

Part of the reason why I share this is a demonstration to my clients that you can work with clients, run the business, build and even better business and still have a life.

Oh yeah, the next step for the book is to send it to a professional editor.

The next step is hire a graphic designer and then send the text and graphics to the book architect.

Then the publisher.

The all we have to do is market the book. 🙂

I can live with that, Marketing is something that I love.