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Golden Rules

The December Issue of Business 2.0 has a list of Golden Rules from 30 recognizable business leaders and their names include Richard Branson and Warren Buffet.

Here are the Golden Rules;

There Can’t Be Two You’s
WARREN BUFFETT, chairman and CEO, Berkshire Hathaway

Don’t Be Interesting — Be Interested
JIM COLLINS, consultant; author, Built to Last and Good to Great

The Next Big Thing Is Whatever Makes the Last Big Thing Usable
BLAKE ROSS, co-creator, Firefox

Make Hiring a Top Priority

Business Can’t Trump Happiness
SHELLY LAZARUS, chairman and CEO, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide

Surround Yourself With People Smarter Than You
GEORGE STEINBRENNER, owner, New York Yankees

Loyalty Counts as Much as Smarts
SRIVATS SAMPATH, founder, McAfee.com; CEO and president, Mercora

Check With the Wife
PO BRONSON, author, The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest and What Should I Do With My Life?

Only the Paranoid Survive (Now More Than Ever)
ANDY GROVE, former chairman and CEO, Intel

Never write when you can talk. Never talk when you can nod. And never put anything in an e-mail.
ELIOT SPITZER, New York state attorney general

Hard Work Opens Doors
IVAN SEIDENBERG, chairman and CEO, Verizon

Choose Your Mistakes Carefully
CRAIG NEWMARK, founder, Craigslist

Don’t confuse luck with skill when judging others, and especially when judging yourself.
CARL ICAHN, billionaire investor

If You Think You Can’t, You’re Right

He Who Says It, Does It
SIMON COOPER, president and COO, Ritz-Carlton

When People Screw Up, Give Them a Second Chance
RICHARD BRANSON, founder and chairman, Virgin Group

Whatever a Man Soweth, That Shall He Also Reap
DICK PARSONS, chairman and CEO, Time Warner

Never, Ever Forget That You Are a Servant
DAVID NEELEMAN, founder, chairman, and CEO, JetBlue

Get Face Time With the Customers
ANNE MULCAHY, chairman and CEO, Xerox

Treat your customers like they own you, because they do.
MARK CUBAN, co-founder, HDNEt; owner, Dallas Mavericks

Reinvent Yourself. Repeat.
ALEX BOGUSKY, executive creative director, Crispin Porter & Bogusky

At the Height of Success, “Break” Your Business
ED ZANDER, chairman and CEO, Motorola

Quit Taking, Start Giving
RUSSEL SIMMONS, co-founder, Def Jam Records; founder, Rush Communications

Believe in Something Bigger Than Yourself
CARLOS M. GUTIERREZ, U.S. secretary of commerce; former chairman and CEO, Kellogg

Remember Who You Are, Not What
BRAD ANDERSON, vice chairman and CEO, Best Buy

Once a Day, Take Some “Beach Time”
MIREILLE GUILIANO, CEO and president, Clicquot; author, French Women Don’t Get Fat

Learn to Give Back
MICHAEL GRAVES, architect and designer

Don’t Trust, Just Verify
STEPHEN D. LEVITT, coauthor, Freakonomics

Make Deals With People, Not Paper
PENN JILLETTE, magician, author, and producer

There’s something bad in everything good and something good in everything bad.
MICHAEL LEWIS, author, Liar’s Poker, Moneyball, and Coach: Lessons on the Game of Life