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Go Slower To Go Faster

We are the busiest we have ever been.

It is 6:40pm on Tuesday evening and I am still behind on a few e-mails from Monday when I was in Edmonton.

Today was a full day of coaching and I have e-mail to complete from today.

For extreme self care, I have just come back for a massage combined with cranial sacral therapy and after one hour on the table I feel like I have had a full night’s sleep.

So what to do?

Go to bed early and get up at 4am as I sometimes do or work late to get caught up? I will likely go to bed early and tackle the e-mail in the early hours when I am fresh.

I am thinking that given we are heading into the busiest time of year for clients, new clients and speaking, I am going to put the book on hold so that I can invest my four – six monthly product development days back into coaching and speaking … just for the time being.

At the same time, I want a change in routine doing less coaching calls per day over more days which will be a lot easier and provide better service to our clients.

At the same time we are experiencing a unique phenomenon from one of our clients who is a ten year veteran of Strategic Coach who is providing us with an incredible amount of high quality referrals.

Here is a copy of the e-mail that I sent to the client today.

Dear _________,

We feel honored to receive your referrals to ____________ and ____________. Please forward the coordinates and if appropriate, Laura can make the contact to arrange an introductory conversation with myself and ____________ and ____________.

We have worked with many businesses over the years. It was more of a demographic than a niche. We chose to target our marketing into the financial advisor niche for two reasons. One was because the majority of our practice was financial advisors and they really seem to hear our message. The other reason is so that we could drill deep into one niche to establish a strong business and marketing foundation. This allows us to refine our work and complete the branding, graphics and a series of books. The job description is coaching, speaking and writing. The speaking keeps the coaching going which funds the writing and development. When extraordinary clients like you come forward and offer this kind of high quality referrals, it makes me wonder if it may be time to go back to more conventional marketing like focusing on more referrals. For now, this takes a lot less time than the speaking. The speaking has created a critical mass and we are too far ahead of ourselves in that we need time to complete the book now for the complete package. I guess it is one of those we may need to go slower to go faster.

The bottom line we are very thankful for your referrals and look forward to being of service.

Thank you again,