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Giving Thanks & Forgiveness

Someone once said to me that “forgiveness reminds us of the energy that was present when we were created”.

To take this another step then this would hold true that “forgiveness reminds us of the energy that was present when an idea was created”.

In yesterday’s Blog I wrote that the best way to set goals is to first stop and give thanks for what you have already created this year or over the past year in the case of setting goals from January 1st forward.

So on the eve of publishing our brand new web site, September e-newsletter, chapter one of my book and a whole lot more and after countless hours of focus, dedication and stretching then one could forget all the rest of the wonderful things that are going on in both their business and personal lives.

Having said all of this, forgive me for forgetting that;

– Laura and I have an excellent life together
– We are loved by our families and friends
– We live in a nurturing environment
– Our health is excellent

– Our clients create breakthroughs in both their business and personal lives using our products and services
– Our clients are well taken care of and we go the extra mile to provide excellent service often times beyond the call of duty
– Our clients provide us with quality referrals
– We have an excellent reputation and are acknowledged as being the best in our field
– We have years of experience and it shows
– We have a long term vision to speak, coach and write on an international scale
– Our business systems are getting better and better
– Our computer systems are in excellent shape
– Our business is financially rewarding
– Our marketing plan will excel to a whole new level with the completion of the web site upgrade
– Our speaking presentations and power points are fabulous and are very well received
– We are constantly improving our products
– We have an abundant amount of sales and speaking opportunities to associations, companies and conferences
– We have an excellent support team helping us with business management, financial management, computer technology and internet marketing
– We are traveling throughout North America delivering our speaking message and throughout the world via the web.
– Our web site and blog are absolutely outstanding.
– My book is well underway now and we our in conversation with a world class agent
– By the end of September we will have close to 2500 E-Newsletter readers
– We are on the verge of the tipping point

– photo courtesy of www.free-pictures-photos.com

Simon Reilly
The Financial Advisor Coach