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Getting clear from 35,000 feet

February was a very busy month and to put things back into perspective, I did my month end review yesterday and today.

The outcome is for me to get clear on my Vision from 35,000 feet and to reconnect with my 90 day Goals versus being overwhelmed (yes it happens to me too) with all of the details relating to the many projects that I have on the go.

The first step is to schedule the quiet time to do it.

With Vision in mind, I updated my Projects List and supporting To Do Lists by reviewing my appointment calendar, e-mails, journal, messages, files and new documents by bringing everything forward.

I have a strong commitment to customer service and to doing more than my clients expect. This gives me a chance to tune into my clients and I often gain additional perspective and ideas through this process.

From 35, 000 feet I can then see the Big Picture and Schedule Projects for action with all the details relating to the Projects in clear view.

The day was also highlighted by a coaching call with my coach, a follow up meeting with the Global Team on communication and another past client re-hired me for a project.