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Getting Back To The Book


A Quote That Caught My Eye

I’ve always offered the quote from John Kehoe that relates to attraction; “Thoughts are real forces”. – John Kehoe

I spotted another that pre-dates John just a little;

“Words kill, words give life,” wrote King Solomon. “They’re either poison or fruit; you choose” (Proverbs 18:21, The Message).

Getting Back To The Book

Tuesday’s Buffer / Product Development Day gave me the opportunity to get back to writing or I should say assembling my book.

This feels like a never ending moving target because;

1.) The book writing is following;

• An Indexing of all the Articles that I have written up to July 2007
• A Power Point & Transcription that I did in May of 2007 at an Advocis Education Day in Saskatchewan
• Matching the Indexed Articles to the Power Point & Transcription

2.) I have changed and improved and delivered my Power Point at least 20 times since then

So given that I am not quite finished with;

• Matching the Indexed Articles to the Power Point & Transcription

It feels like the book is out of date because the Power Points continue to move ahead.

At the end of the day, I am Re-Associated to understanding where I am with the book after not touching the book for months.

And … I think that I have to create a week off away from coaching, speaking and the home office in order to breakthrough and get the book “editor ready”.