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Gateway Convertible Tablet PC Passes First Road Test

It’s 6:23pm MDT, Monday, October 30, 2006 on my flight from Calgary, AB to Ottawa, ON and I am completely amazed at the technology of the Gateway Convertible Tablet PC.

At the same time, I’ve been in airport lounges and on airplanes since 10am PDT this morning and I’ve been able to completely overhaul my “Removing Your Mental Roadblocks” PowerPoint Presentation by adding about 25 brand new slides that relate to actual Case Studies that I have worked on.

I guess you could say that my new Gateway Convertible Tablet PC has passed its first test and I still have 2 hours of flight time left. I am getting this Blog written now as I will not arrive in Ottawa, ON until 11pm EDT and not get to bed until 12 midnight.

To put me to the test I am the opening speaker at 8am EDT tomorrow morning so that means a 5:30am EDT wake up call which really means, on my Pacific Time Clock, I will be waking up at 2:30am PDT and speaking at 5:00am PDT. I almost wished I did not write this. Then again, I could sleep on the plane – don’t want to take the chance as I may not sleep later.

The good news is, the flight is less than half full and I have the entire emergency exit row all to myself as the person that reeked of cigarettes has moved to another row.

If you are subscribed to my E-Newsletter, you will be able to see the Case Study PowerPoints in my November E-Newsletter. 🙂 Now that the PowerPoints are complete, I can now write the copy to wrap around the PowerPoints. In my humble opinion, this edition of the E-Newsletter will be one of my best and the Case Studies will also be added to our Article Section of the website.

At 4:30pm MDT in Calgary, AB as I was awaiting the 4:45pm boarding call for my flight to Ottawa I was fighting the urge to tear a strip off of Telus for their absolutely poor internet service at what they call their Hot Spot in the lounge at the gate – more like Slow As Hell Spot which is only costing $30.00 per month. I called Telus Customer Service to be informed by the Customer Service Representative that they didn’t even know that they had a Hot Spot and they would be happy to transfer to someone that could help me – no thanks.

Rather than wasting my breath on Telus which I have done enough of already (beware of the dark side of the force!)

– I’m focusing on all the reasons that I am thrilled to be on this Road Trip:

– While I am missing Laura – it is great to acknowledge that Laura & I are loving each other and loving life
– The shear excitement of going out on the road with a piece of equipment that allow me to do my work right into the computer and eliminate all of those wonderful paper notes that I fight to keep from dropping through the cracks. We are very automated and it all goes array when I go on the road.
– Going out on the road with a near full practice with loads of conversations currently going on for the final 1:1 coaching spots that we have
– 250 + Financial Advisors will have the opportunity to hear me speak on this trip and this will surely push us over the top in 1:1 client sales. I’ve really been thinking and taking some notes on how to make the Leading Advisor Coaching Program more scaleable so that I can offer the benefits to more and more people because there is only so much of me to go around. When the 1:1 spots are gone, there gone until the middle of next year. The scalable system is looking like it is going to take precedent over the book.
– On top of this, we have four more Financial Advisor Public Speaking Presentations to do after October 31 and November 2 during the month of November.
– It is a week off from my beloved clients and I have the opportunity to reflect, create and write.
– I’m attending a two day Financial Advisor Conference and it will be nice to be on the other side of the podium as I will be attending speaking presentations, making notes, creating articles and sharing them in my Blog & E-Newsletter. At the same time I am going to look for the opportunity to have my speaking Sponsored through a National Firm
– Or business is very organized and we have a big vision for 2007 and all systems are a go!

So it is now 9pm EDT, two hours into the flight and I am signing off.

9:30pm EDT and back again, just finished two knock out new PowerPoint slides on an idea that just came to me. So signing off again, maybe, really – going to start the E-Newsletter.