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Gateway Convertible Notebook PC Extra Benefits!

I was thinking that the reason that I purchased the Gateway Convertible Notebook PC was to be able to write articles while in airport lounges and on airplanes.


Writing the articles in handwriting onto the Convertible Notebook PC are then automatically converted to text so that I don’t have to re-type the articles.

After completing the tutorials for the Gateway Convertible Notebook PC, the applications far exceed my existing thoughts. Gateway’s Convertible Notebook PC is absolutely amazing for the money and the tutorials will turn you into an expert in using the Convertible Notebook PC in no time. The Gateway Convertible Notebook PC is the best computer purchase that I have ever made. I purchased my Gateway Convertible Notebook PC through Gateway’s Canadian Dealer, Best Buy. For additional support and information, click Microsoft’s Windows XP Tablet PC Web Site.

I take a significant amount of notes while on the phone with my clients. Writing the notes really helps me to get a strong sense of my client’s situation and this helps me to focus and provide the inspiration for the solution that my client requires.

To quote one of my clients; “Simon has the unique ability to take what is seemingly a complex situation and he is able to synthesize it into a clear, step by step solution” – Ferdinand Milan, Edward Jones.

The notes serve me to write a clear and detailed e-mail follow up to my client. The e-mail follow up helps me to stay on track for our next call.

The revelation is that I just realized that I can now write notes from my coaching calls onto/into the Convertible Notebook PC and the notes will also be automatically converted into text so that I can e-mail them to my clients.

It will take me some time to get proficient with the editing functions converting the writing to text and once done; this will save me an enormous amount of time and improve my service.

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