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Funeral Planner Coaching

One would think that financial advisor coaching is just one niche but there are many niches within financial advisor coaching and these are some that come to mind.

  • Buy sell agreements
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Income tax
  • Life insurance
  • Mutual funds
  • Pre-paid funerals
  • Property
  • Securities

Here are a series of Funeral Planner Coaching PowerPoints;

  • Get Associated To The Value That You Create
  • It Is Not About You
  • The Funeral Planners Role is To Make It Easy For Their Client
  • Funeral Planner Pre-Need Call
  • Funeral Planner Conversation Call

Get Associated To The Value That You Create

Interview 10 – 20 of your best;

  • Clients and ask them what it means to them having a pre-arranged funeral.
  • Client families well after the grieving is over and ask them what it meant to them having had their loved one pre-plan their own funeral.

This helps Funeral Directors to get associated to the value and over their own unmet needs of safety, approval and worthiness to provide the inspiration to deal with;

  • The client not wanting to talk about it (parable)
  • Fear of upsetting the community
  • Make calls following up on pre-need enquiries and getting discouraged
  • Waiting for response from mailers
  • The client not wanting to part with their money because of what they might have lost in the market
  • Following up on presentations / seminar attendees
  • Asking for referrals

It Is Not About You

  • It is not about you, it is not about the client, it is about saving their family and loved ones …
  • Being caught unprepared
  • Eliminating 90% of the things that the family and loved ones has to do
  • Eliminating the burden of making difficult decisions
  • Eliminating the potential of family conflict
  • Emotional strain that confronts loved ones left to make arrangements
  • Making it less painful at a very difficult time
  • Reducing emotional overspending at a difficult time

The Funeral Planners Role is To Make It Easy For Their Client

  • Creating peace of mind
  • Facilitating their wishes through a decision making process
  • Guaranteeing costs, pre-paying in advance and significant savings
  • Organizing key information
  • Providing the vital protection that loved ones need

Funeral Planner Pre-Need Call

  • I’m calling to have a follow up conversation about the pre-planned funeral cost estimate that you enquired about …
  • This conversasion is about life, the good life that you are having, the good life where  you want for nothing, the good life that you have with your family and loved ones and this is what I am here to talk about …
  • I know that you might have experienced some losses to your savings because of the current economy, but pre-planning your funeral isn’t about the cost, it is about the emotional cost and saving your family and loved ones …
  • An investment in a pre-planned funeral it is about saving your family and loved ones … 
  • Doesn’t it make sense to go ahead with this now …
  • A poorly pre-planned funeral doesn’t fail because it is too early; a poorly planned pre-planned funeral fails because it is too late.

Funeral Planner Conversation Call

  • Tell me about yourself; Your family, your career, your church your associations and clubs.
  • If you were to invest in a pre-planned funeral, what is on your shopping list?  Why is that important to you?
  • If we could make that happen – what difference would it make to you?
  • By not having these things in place, what would it cost you and your family?
  • I have listened very carefully and believe I can help you to make that difference.
  • Is there any reason why we can’t work together?
  • This is how the program works.
  • These are the terms of your investment.
  • Based on what I have told you, would you like to invest in a pre-planned funeral?
  • Thank you, please give me your credit card number or
  • When would be a good time to follow up?
  • What is your decision?