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Full Circle

As I reflect upon yesterday’s Blog and as we approach September 1, 2005 it looks like we have gone Full Circle.

What I mean by Full Circle is we are coming up to a year since we started our current Business & Marketing Plan and the writing and development of our Web Sites, E-Newsletter & Blog.

I’ve come to realize –

– That after re-focusing back to Direct Marketing & Sales after the Web Site completion in June and saying “Hey! The Marketing really works well with the Web Sites, E-Newsletter & Blog and we can really do this!”

– With a load of business coming in that is stretching our systems to the point that the business feels like it is running us versus us running the business.

It is time to get back on top of our business again and plan for the next 16 months versus waiting for January 1, 2006.

The way that I am going to do this is to implement the following “Success Strategies” for September 1, 2005 that I wrote about in December.

?؂Äö¬ß Vision – Where do you want to be on the 31st of December 2005?
?؂Äö¬ß Why – The most important “W” is Why do you want the Vision?
?؂Äö¬ß Goals – Defining your 90 day goals and turning your vision into a set of practical and measurable goals.
?؂Äö¬ß Measures – Developing a set of measurement systems that will keep you on track.
?؂Äö¬ß Time Management – 3 simple Steps that will make sure every day is lived to the fullest.
?؂Äö¬ß Planning the time to plan – create a calendar that allows adequate time to rest, development and income.

At the same time, while working the above system for myself, I am going to enhance the above.

I have in mind that I will be able to share the enhancements through several new product ideas that I can offer in the New Year.

One of the product ideas is to offer;

– Live, One On One, One Day Planning Sessions – I’ve already had several clients ask for this.

– The Circuit – A coaching program that will include;

o Weekly 15 Minute One On One Calls
o Weekly Group Coaching Teleclass Calls
o An Automated Coaching Journal
o Assessments & Assignments
o MP3 Audio Of Each Session
o Group Blog

Stay tuned to the upcoming Blog articles and I will share my progress on “Success Strategies” for September 1, 2005.