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“Fulfillment Planner™”

The Art Of Fulfillment

Do You Know How To Continually Be In Flow
And Have A Fulfilling Life?
By Simon Reilly

Why now? Why do people want to do something more meaningful at this time? Is it the end of the Millennium or the beginning of the next Millennium? Is it the Baby Boom / Baby Doom and Gloom Syndrome™? Many Boomers were promised a land of milk and honey by their parents who had either gone through the Depression, World War or both. ” You will never have it as tough as we had it ” the Boomers were told by their parents. The promise, the dream of milk and honey and the economy that was created by the sheer number of Boomers eclipsed the required teaching on how to create fulfillment and happiness in their lives. Boomers actually SPENT their way to fulfillment and happiness through the 70’s to early 90’s. Now, many Boomers are turning 40 and re turning away from a generation of spenders to a generation of savers, and are hiring Financial Planners by the score. Most Boomers have the house, have done the car thing a few times over and many are on their 2nd if not 3rd marriage or relationship. They are looking for more fulfillment in their lives. The time has come for a “Fulfillment Planner™” i.e. Coach !

I coach my clients using the model of Irresistible Attraction that was developed by Coach University. Irresistible Attraction is a fresh approach for sustainable, fulfilling success. Just about anyone can make themselves successful, with enough hard work, motivation and luck. You probably know folks like this — they “have it all” yet have paid an enormous price: stressed out, gratified instead of fulfilled, adrenaline-based instead of peaceful, workaholic vs integrated. They’ve missed the point and lost themselves. Is there a better way? Yes! It’s called Irresistible Attraction — the notion that life is already perfect and that our primary focus can be on dancing with what we’ve been given and already have plenty of.

The Life Path System to Fulfillment is achieved by getting the difference between a Need and a Value, getting your Needs met, identifying your Tru-Values and integrating your Tru-Values into your Vision, Purpose and Mission.