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Friendly Faces In The Audience Sure Make A Difference

Laura and I spent some time resting and reflecting last week.

The best part of Monday and Wednesday of last week were invested in speaking gigs for Pro-Seminars in Victoria and Vancouver respectively. Tuesday was a day of cleaning up a few loose ends and preparing for the new speaking gig with Duncan Robinson on Wednesday. Thursday morning was invested in taking care of loose ends and we took the afternoon off as were both tired. You know you are tired when you sleep for 9 ?Ǭ? hours. Friday was a day of looking after business operations and reviewing our marketing / speaking results.

I had a spark of energy when Laura told me that I do not have another speaking gig until mid June when I’m in London and Toronto. A whole month with no travel! This is said after what has resulted in a successful yet tiring 11 speaking gigs in the past 8 weeks.

The inspiration came to me to thank a client that was in the Pro-Seminars audience last Wednesday.


Hi Dorothy,

I’m just sitting here with Laura and I mentioned that it sure makes a difference when there are a couple of people in the audience that are clients.

Thanks again for saying hello.

Have a great weekend.



Hi Simon,

I am glad you had a few friendly faces in the audience. I had a chance to meet Glennis on Thursday and enjoyed hearing about her experiences with you.

I wanted to pass along a comment I heard from someone in the lunch line-up. As you know, people get talking about the presenters at these events. One man behind me asked how I had liked your presentation – of course I said I had enjoyed it. I asked him the same question and then asked him what stood out for him. His response was your stress on succession planning. He has only been in the business for 4 years, but he is 50ish and thinking that he should get his daughters involved right away. Interesting what sticks in peoples’ minds. Just to inflate your ego a touch more, there were many good comments about your presentation and to my way of thinking, if people are still talking about you on the second day of the seminar, you must have struck a few chords.

Now you can relax for the weekend knowing you did a great job and just waiting for all those new clients to sign up!

All the best to you and Laura.

Dorothy Van der Ree
Federated Insurance
Risk Services Coordinator