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Friday Afternoon October 12th, 2007 Celebration!


Laura and I took the liberty to have an early celebration of having the book “editor ready” by October 15th by taking the afternoon of Friday October 12th off for a walk to see the new bridge on the Englishman River trail just South West of were we live in Parksville, BC. These trails go for miles and miles following the Englishman River and I believe they head towards Mt. Arrowsmith.

We are so lucky to have the ability to tap into this kind of beauty which is just minutes away from where we live.

As I was sitting in a meditative state by the river rapids, and with the book being “editor ready” with a few more hours of work to go, I am starting to feel like I have the energy and space for new things and I was reminded of an idea that I had when we first moved to Parksville a few years ago of hosting one-on-one, three to four day coaching retreats.

The mornings would be getting down to business and the afternoons would be experiencing fishing, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, the spas and the tidal beaches and the evenings would be for fine dining and relaxation.