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Free Teleclasses – “7 Steps To Get Your September & Your Year Off To A Strong Start”

My friend and collaborator Pat Finucane attended Monday night’s “Ask The Advisor” Free Teleclass. Pat suggested that I enhance the Teleclasses by adding an ongoing Curriculum, Cases Studies and Ask The Advisor.

Here is what we are working on.

Free Teleclasses – “7 Steps To Get Your September & Your Year Off To A Strong Start”

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Tuesday, 5pm August 30th, 2005 PST
Tuesday, 5pm September 6th, 2005 PST

Here is the format for the Teleclasses;

7 Steps To Get Your September And Your Year Off To A Strong Start

You know what it is like just before or right after Labor Day. That sinking feeling? That the Fall & Winter are soon to be upon us. If you live in Vancouver, B.C. that sinking feeling could even be worse because summer didn’t really start until July 15th. That sinking feeling gets even worse as you start to consider that the clocks will change soon and before you know it is starting to get dark by 6pm. And then it hits you! It’s October the 15th and that the end of the year is upon you and you better get back to work!

Well, we will have none of that! Here is what we are going to cover;

Tuesday, 5pm August 30th, 2005 PST
Reflection – The absolute number one thing that you must to do add passion, focus and a belief & feeling of “Yes I can do this” when you look at meeting and exceeding your goals for 2005 * 2006.

Tuesday, 5pm September 6th, 2005 PST
Vision – Where do you want to be on the 31st of December 2005?

Tuesday, 5pm September 27th, 2005 PST
Why – The most important “W” is Why do you want the Vision?

Tuesday, 5pm October 4th, 2005 PST
Goals – Defining your 90 day goals and turning your vision into a set of practical and measurable goals.

Tuesday, 5pm October 25th, 2005 PST
Measures – Developing a set of measurement systems that will keep you on track.

Tuesday, 5pm November 1st, 2005 PST
Time Management – 3 simple Steps that will make sure every day is lived to the fullest.

Tuesday, 5pm November 29th , 2005 PST
Planning- create a calendar that allows adequate time to rest, development and income.

Case Studies

Teleclass Participants are invited to E-mail questions in advance of the call and the answers will be reviewed during the Teleclass.

Dear Ask The Advisor,

“I have no problems meeting people and introducing myself and what I do. Where I have the greatest difficulty is actually getting that person to sit with me and listen to what I can offer them. I believe what I do is of great benefit and value, it’s just getting everything in front of them! Hope that helps!”

Looking for the answer to the above question? You’ll have to join us on the Teleclass to find out!

Ask The Advisor – Open Forum

We open up the last part of the call for your questions about how to grow your business to the next level. I will share the secrets and proven business models of successful Professionals and Business Owners to help you get what you want out of your business to create More Profit & More Time.

I will cover the components that are required to build a step-by-step plan that will get you there quickly, clearly define success for yourself, and get you where you want to be once and for all so that you can create;

– More energy from working fewer hours
– A balanced home life
– A new revitalized vision and passion for your business and personal life

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