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Forgetting To Give Thanks Creates Baggage Loss?


It’s 5:30pm EDT, Monday April 2, 2007 and I in the restaurant at the Ramada Inn in London, ON and I’m having dinner between calls while writing this Blog with my last call of the day is 3:45pm PDT/6:45EDT.

So how did I attract loosing my baggage on my Air Canada to London, ON because it is never about the other person, there are always three fingers pointing back at me when I am pointing the finger at someone else.

The answer hit me early this morning when I was doing my morning meditation.

Last week was supposed to be an off week and it was except that I have two days of coaching that I was making up from rescheduled calls when I was sick in the 2nd week of March.

I invested my non-coaching time last week in the following which we are still completing;

1. Quarterly review
2. Company report card
3. Budget review
4. Time line projects
5. 90 days goals
6. Schedule goals for action

Somewhere in the process two things happened;

1. I got in some kind of a funk because I looked at all the work that we still have to do to build out the company
2. I started thinking about flying Air Canada

I was still working on the Quarterly Review Project so I didn’t think too much of the funk in relationship to the Quarterly Review but I was noticing that I had better not get hooked in the prevailing group negative think about Air Canada because everyone seems to have a BMW (bitch, moan and whine) story about Air Canada. “Luke, beware of the dark side of the force Air Canada stories … you will wind up being on a plane load of the negative story tellers”.

As long as we are into stories, did I mention that they not only lost my baggage, they also announced to me with my boarding pass in hand for the Toronto to London, ON flight that I was not on the flight. I asked why. Given that your AIR CANADA FLIGHT from Vancouver, BC to Toronto was late; our computer automatically took you off the flight because you were going to be late.

With thoughts of Joy and Peace I stood there for 15 minutes while they held the flight and manually told the computer to let my back on.

Here is the real reason for the funk;

I missed a step in the Quarterly Review Project.

Note there is a new step 3.

1. Quarterly review
2. Company report card
3. List And Give Thanks For The Accomplishments Of The Last Quarter
4. Budget review
5. Time line projects
6. 90 days goals
7. Schedule goals for action

I am certain that had I stopped to List And Give Thanks For The Accomplishments Of The Last Quarter, I would not have been in a funk and that this funk would not have prevailed creating a disturbance in the force.

To make amends, here is the List And Give Thanks For The Accomplishments Of The Last Quarter;

• Remained true to our marketing vision
• Quarterly review meeting started before the end of the quarter
• Operations manual well underway
• Cell phone upgraded
• Bookkeeper hired
• Books completed and delivered to the accountant
• GST paid
• Personal taxes pre-paid
• We are profitable
• Sales for January & February 300% over last year
• Show reel completed
• DVD and DVD labels created
• Book well underway
• Five Advocis Financial Advisor Public Speaking Events Booked
• New PowerPoint created and delivered
• Public speaking attendee follow up plan created
• Referrals are increasing
• Web site sales are increasing