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Forceful redirection to intend that my vision manifest

A successful day and a very challenging day of;

* Completing the More Profit & More Time E-Newsletter – it will be published tomorrow
* They removed the flooring in the suite above us over the course of the day with chisels and jackhammers and I wanted to run outside screaming at times as the noise was so bad
* Creating and writing to repurpose the web site to include the public speaking.

I feel that we are on the right track as I am feeling a very strong vein of energy towards the repurposing the web site.

As I continue to build something that is very attractive, and not take the time to “sell” –

My unmet needs based ego mind that formed the habit of selling many years ago to medicate its unmet needs of safety is playing hell.

My response with some forceful redirection is to intend that my vision manifest.

And then –

The phone rings and it is a financial advisor requesting an appointment. The financial advisor that called attended a speaking presentation that I did 2 – 3 years ago.

Thank you.