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For this upcoming week, the first Monday in October –

Here is a copy of part of a message that I sent to one of my clients this AM.

Prepare in advance to schedule the A Client Telephone Calls that you must make between 9 & 10am & 11am & 12 noon each morning leaving the rest of the time for client file work and appointments.

Preparing in advance means looking at your business plan, goals and all the areas of your business and getting things complete so that you have clear space to be able to make the calls.

This means getting rid of distractions by taking care of them this week. Get your office cleaned up, complete the unfinished files, get the computer backed up and upgraded, get your filing done, do your month end & payables, write those scripts and marketing letters, delegate all that you can to your assistant, read those product articles, do it all!

Next week Monday is the first Monday of the month and the first day of the final quarter of the year and it is time to seize your business and life like you have never done before.