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Flashlight Blog

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Another Pacific storm and we have been without electricity since 4pm PDT on Monday, December 11, 2006 and this is number 8 this year, the last one being 27 hours. Usually it is just a few hours and most of the time it at night so it doesn’t affect business all that much.

Our main phones and fax our without power.

The good news is:

– I have one old style phone that doesn’t require power so that I can make outbound calls as cell phone reception is poor
– I have an Aircard for my laptop to get on line with
– It is a buffer day and I only have one or two appointments
– We have plenty of flashlights, batteries and candles as it doesn’t get light until 8am
– I have 2.5 hours of notebook battery power plus 2, 4 hour backup batteries and that will get me through the day as;
– I am writing the December E-Newsletter

May the hydro crews find the light!