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Financial DNA Resources

Laura and I invested Monday on Creative Destruction and more recreation or re-creation work, 🙂 depending how I look at it on Financial Advisor 2.0™ – The Next Generation™.

This whole week is devoted to Creative Destruction and we will continue our work on Tuesday.

I talked about Financial Advisor 2.0™ – The Next Generation™ which I talked about in the Blog on April 27, 2007 – It’s Been A Selfish Blogging Week.

You may recall that I wrote a Blog about an article that I wrote about 10 years ago entitled The Fulfillment Planner™. This also relates to another article that I found; Taking a “Life First” approach: The emerging trend in wealth management by Barry LaValley

Following this line of thought, I ran across the following website in yesterday’s travels;

Financial DNA Resources is a leading international wealth mentoring business that adopts an “inside out” approach to life and financial decision-making. Our unique point of difference is the ability to provide programs which connect a powerful blend of natural and learned human behavioral discovery to optimal “whole of life” wealth creation decisions so people can create sustainable change in their lives.

Financial DNA Resources has offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Sydney, Australia. You will note that these marketing and web savvy advisors are using YouTube.