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Financial Advisor Wine Of The Day


It’s 6:20pm CST on Monday, November 13 and I’ve landed safely in Winnipeg, MB and I’m waiting at National Car Rental for my Land Yacht SUV for the drive from Winnipeg to Brandon to speak at Advocis Westman tomorrow morning at 9:30am.

During the flight I came up with a new series of PowerPoints that I am drafting now.

Financial Advisor Wine Of The Day

David Foot of Boom, Bust & Echo spoke November 1, 2006 in Toronto at the Independent Financial Brokers Summit and advised Financial Advisors that their future is certain – because of the volume of Baby Boomers without a Financial Planner being about 2 in 10 – “all they have to do is show up”.

Yet there is challenge.

The challenge is Wine.

Like Baby Boomers, Financial Advisors have become connoisseurs of Wine.

Wine Of The Day.

Financial Advisors Wine Of The Day Includes:

– Banks moving into Life Insurance
– Can’t Convert Sales
– Harmonizing Of Licenses
– More Compliance
– More Paperwork
– Succession Planning
– Too Many Telemarketers

While these are all real issues, they can rob us of our creative energy if this is all that we focus on.

Financial Advisors must be focused on their Vision, for without it the obsession of the dysfunctional ego mind will have them focused on the negative because the dysfunctional ego mind is addicted to being right about what is wrong.

Woops! Gotta go! The Land Yacht SUV is ready to go. I’m NOT driving on a strange highway for 2 ?Ǭ? hours at night from Winnipeg to Brandon in a small vehicle.

Nov 13, 2006 006.jpg
Land Yacht

Back again –

I’m at the Hilton, just outside of the Winnipeg airport having dinner – the first meal since breakfast.

Let’s look at the dysfunctional ego mind’s self absorbed complaints about Compliance. Remember, you get what you focus on:

– There is too much paperwork
– I am afraid that I might make a mistake
– Compliance is going to get worse and worse

Whatever YOU allow your dysfunctional ego mind to be right about, it is right.

YOU must wake up and focus on your Vision and what you can do for your clients. It is about adding Value.

So the dysfunctional ego mind says OK. But what about the Banks Moving Into Life Insurance? That could be really bad. Again, what ever your dysfunctional ego mind focuses on, it is right. Again about what is wrong.

I can see it all now.

The next time I go to the ATM a voice will come from the ATM and say:

“Good afternoon. I am a professional financial advisor with more than a decade of experience in financial services helping clients just like you and I’m here to help you to create better financial returns while insuring that your financial legacy will be there for you into your retirement and well into generations to come.”


– Press 1 for an appointment in the Morning.
– Press 2 for an appointment in the Afternoon.
– Press 3 for an appointment in the Evening.

To serve you best, press the following number that corresponds to the amount that you wish to invest:

– Press 4 if you are investing $10,000 or more
– Press 5 if you are investing $100,000 or more
– Press 6 if you are investing $1,000,000 or more

I could go on, but my wonderful Penne, Tomato Sauce and Goats Cheese has arrived so I will have to cut this short.

As a professional Financial Advisor it is time to define your Values, Vision, Goals, Business Plan & Marketing Plan and get out there and serve your clients.

This will stop your self absorbed dysfunctional ego mind from focusing on its Unmet Needs while generating more and more self fulfilling Limiting Beliefs and Limiting Emotions.

At the end of the day, if the Banks move into the insurance business and you lose business it will because you didn’t do your job.

Cheers to anyone at the Banks that has a Vision who adds Value to their clients.