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Financial Advisor Speaking Roadwork

Monday started early at 4:30am Pacific with an e-mail review from the past two weeks to make sure that nothing had slipped through the cracks. The e-mail review was brought about by being on the road for the past – I was going to say two weeks and it is actually four weeks since I was in London & Toronto, ON and since that time I have been in Las Vegas NV, Edmonton AB, Richmond BC and now Grande Prairie, AB.

Later on I exclaimed this to Laura and Laura brought reality to the forefront, “You have 4 more gigs in the next 4 weeks” and this will bring us to the end of October – one more month of gigs to go in November as it will slow down in December.”

Laura’s office line rang about 6:30am and Laura exclaimed “it’s probably a call to book you in St. John’s, New Brunswick”! 🙂 It was a call for an outline for a prospective gig in Toronto, ON in November.

Even though today started very early the drive to Comox, BC to catch the flight to Calgary, AB was in total sunshine. It is also a good feeling when everything in our marketing funnel is starting to really work and that the marketing is taking on a life of its own.

At 8:10am Pacific Laura kissed me at the security gate and said, “just think you will be in Grande Prairie in 11 hours”.

I’m settling down in the airport lounge in Comox, BC to work on the fine tuning of the PowerPoint and Worksheets for our new product –

7 Actions To Take Now To Meet And Exceed Your Goals For 2006“Head Towards The Finish Line Knowing That You Are Going To Win!”

10am Pacific – another smooth WestJet flight.

It is 2pm Mountain Time and I had ?Ǭ? hours of gate time in Comox, BC and 1 ?Ǭ? hours of gate time in Calgary, AB and the 7 Actions PowerPoint is complete.

🙂 Two more hours of gate time in Calgary, AB to go.

I’ve got 1 ?Ǭ? hours for the presentation for Advocis in Grande Prairie, AB and given that I have more time to present, I am going to create some assignment slides to add more value to the presentation.