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Financial Advisor Public Speaking Presentations – Post Card

Laura & I reviewed our Financial Advisor Public Speaking Presentation Marketing that includes;

– Speaking Folio – Direct Mail
– Speaking Folio Follow Up – E-mail
– Speaking Folio & E-Mail Follow up – Post Card

Here is a draft of the Post Card;

Are you finding it difficult to find truly relevant and interesting professional speakers for your Association, Conference, Sales or Study Group Meetings?

Do you find that speakers:

– Fail to address the main issues that are going on in your industry
– Don’t offer specific action plans
– Spend too much time selling their products and services

Simon is clearly one of our most passionate and inspiring speakers. We are pleased to be able to provide our audiences with Simon’s unique and scientific approach that shows financial advisors how to lay the foundation for a practice based on advising vs. selling, wealth management and referrals. By the end of 2006, Simon will have completed over 25 speaking presentations for Pro-Seminars right across Canada to hundreds and hundreds of financial advisors to nothing short of rave reviews.

Alex Nicholson
alex @ pro-seminars.com
Beamsville, ON