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Financial Advisor Public Speaking Presentation Filming Plan

Its 12:47PM MDT on Monday, October 2nd and I’m in Calgary waiting for my next flight to Toronto at 2:35PM which will arrive at 8:30PM EDT concluded with a car ride to Kitchener, ON arriving in Kitchener, ON at about 10pm EDT.

The good news is I connected instantly to the wireless internet connection at the airport gate and it is working perfectly.

I’m using this time to create a Filming Plan for a two camera shoot that we will be doing at the Removing Your Roadblocks Public Speaking Presentation for Pro-Seminars in Winnipeg, MB on Wednesday, October 4th, 2006.

The outcome of the two camera shoot is to create a Showreel, CD and DVD.

Writing this Filming Plan is important for me because it gets the plan organized and out of the way so that I can focus on;

– Organizing the camera team well in advance to focus on;
– Delivering an outstanding presentation for the audience and;
– Hosting three very special invited guests from Great West Life who are interested in having me speak at a January 2007 event

We are creating a CD/DVD of “Removing Your Roadblocks” given that the audience response to our free E-Newsletter is in the 40 – 50% range and we are receiving these Financial Advisor Public Speaking Presentation Testimonials. It would only make sense to offer the PowerPoint, Presentation Notes and CD/DVD to the audience for sale.

Filming Plan

– Set intention
– ID key PowerPoint title slides so that I introduce each segment to the camera
– Practice PowerPoint slide ques
– Create speaking launch page
– Practice parable
– Review PowerPoint to get fully associated to presentation
– Add in PowerPoint slides for “High Net Worth Clients”
– Adjust PowerPoint colors for “bright” projector setting
– Pre-plan front of the room table and camera location layout – determine “Simon” camera and “Audience” camera locations
– Meet camera team in presentation room at 7:15am
– Confirm head and shoulders filming
– Provide copies of PowerPoint to direct camera team to best Audience and Simon shots
– Increase brightness of projector to suit lighting