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Financial Advisor Blog

How many Financial Advisor Blogs are there?

I Googled “Financial Advisor Blog” yesterday out of curiosity and the Google search engine brought up the usual pages of listings, many of them big name corporate companies in the first few pages of the Google listings.


Looking for independent financial advisors on Google I hit page 10 on the Google Navigation Bar at the bottom of the first page.

Behold! Simon Reilly’s Blog was listed right there on page 10!

July 05, 2006 – It’s E-Newsletter Time Again

Why did this Blog entry come up?

The words “financial” or “financial advisor” are written into the article 4 times.

The June 20th Blog contained some great Financial Advisor Testimonials;

“Simon’s speaking presentation, “Removing The Mental Roadblocks To High Productivity”, causes you to critically reflect on yourself and your practice to determine if you are really achieving what you want out of your business. It forces the question, Are you honestly look at building a business with a vision or just making a living?”

Doug Knight
President, Advocis North Okanagan
Knight Financial, Kelowna, BC

Alex Nicholson Testimonial – “Simon is clearly one of our most passionate and inspiring speakers. We are pleased to be able to provide our audiences with Simon’s unique and scientific approach that shows financial advisors how to lay the foundation for a practice based on advising vs. selling, wealth management and referrals. By the end of 2006, Simon will have completed over 25 speaking presentations for Pro-Seminars right across Canada to hundreds and hundreds of financial advisors to nothing short of rave reviews.”
Alex Nicholson
Vice President

This is the way search engines work and what the search engines are looking for.

It is time to re-investigate what potential clients may be looking for when searching for a financial advisor coach so that we can improve our standings in Google searches.

What if I put a testimonial with the words “financial advisor” in each Blog every now and then?

I could also sign each Blog.

Simon Reilly
The Financial Advisor Coach

P.S. I took the liberty to purchase www.thefinancialadvisorcoach.ca