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Everything Is In Flow


It’s now 7:33am on Monday and I’m still a little groggy from jet-lag and I am experiencing some joy as I am settled into the business. My old self wants to come out and it feels like we have to push, drive, kick ass because we have been away for so long and holy sh*t, what if we don’t and then what would that mean?

There is no need for any of that.

The plan is in place and everything is in flow and a confidence prevails as we know exactly what to do for now and how to re-invent for an incredible September launch.

It’s 1pm on Monday and I was booked for four calls this AM: the first was an assessment debriefing with a new client that went very well, the second and third were with prospective clients that became clients, the fourth was a no-show and I am waiting for the fifth call at 1:15pm.

It’s 2:30pm and the fifth prospect became a client.

I’m taking the rest of the afternoon off to do some banking and go to Starbucks with Laura for a chit chat about our game plan for the rest of June.

“Excellent presentation that gave me a better understanding of how my values and behaviors relate to the importance of understanding and developing an all encompassing self plan, life plan and business plan”.

Brett Langill, BA, CFP
Certified Financial Planner
Brownstone Investment Planning Inc.
Toronto, ON
Brett @ BrettLangill.com

– photo courtesy of; http://www.sleepdisordersguide.com/jet-lag-selfcare.html