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Everyone Should Have A Rathtrevor

My Blog contains writing about our business development and business development articles for our clients.

At the same time, I take the time to share some of my personal experiences.

Marketing is a process of elimination and I give prospects and clients every opportunity to either like me or not … because this is the way I am … take it or leave it.

Sometimes it is business and sometimes it is personal. I think that sharing the personal side helps to demonstrate that we work to achieve balance.

Today’s Blog title – Everyone Should Have A Rathtrevor is my reflection of the very rigorous cycle that I had on Monday through Rathtrevor Park. While it was raining quite heavily, I was equipped with rain gear, a second skin and a fleecy to keep out the wet and the cold.

As I am writing this Blog on Tuesday morning as I am acknowledging how clear and refreshed I feel.

Here is a picture dairy of the pictures that I have taken during my cycle and walking trips through Rathtrevor on sunnier days.

August 16, 2007 – A Leading Advisor “Afternoon At The Beach”

This is the beginning of our walk on the tidal beach which we believe to be one of the largest on the West coast of North America. You can see the brilliant green of the seaweed with the sand beach looking North West towards Rathtrevor Park.

A beached jelly fish.

The tide is still going out.

We are out about a mile from shore and Laura is now walking North East towards Vancouver, BC.

Oh! Laura thought that it might be too far and she didn’t really want to go to Vancouver anyway.

The Craig Bay Development where we live is right in the center of the picture … this gives you a sense of how far we are from shore.

Mountains on the West coast of British Columbia.

Mountains on the West coast of British Columbia.

Looking West at Mt. Arrowsmith.

Looking North West towards Rathtrevor Park.

Laura & I stopping for a group shot while standing in the water.

Back on our beach at Craig Bay … yes hard to believe that while the beach is a public beach which is at the foot of our development, this is about as busy as it gets.

July 16, 2007 – A Weekend Of Space And Boredom

Rathtrevor Park

July 11, 2007 – Two Reasons That I Live On Vancouver Island

Looking North from Craig Bay over Georgia Straight with the BC mainland in the distance.

Looking North from Craig Bay towards Parksville’s world famous tidal beach and you can see Rathtrevor Park in the distance.

October 7, 2006 – Come Along For A Bicycle Ride

bike ride 001.jpg
It is such a beautiful day – let’s go for a bicycle ride and here are the pics along the way.

bike ride 002.jpg
One of the many neighbourhood ponds

bike ride 003.jpg
The grove of trees standing on First Nations protected land

bike ride 004.jpg
Georgia Straight

bike ride 006.jpg
The grove of trees, Georgia Straight looking North towards Rathtrevor Park

bike ride 007.jpg
Craig Bay Beach looking towards Rathtrevor Park

bike ride 008.jpg
Rathtrevor Park cycle path

bike ride 009.jpg
It’s not really that steep

bike ride 010.jpg
On the road to Rathtrevor Beach in Rathtrevor Park

bike ride 011.jpg
Rathtrevor Beach

bike ride 012.jpg
Rathtrevor Beach

bike ride 013.jpg
Can you see the eagles on top of the 3rd and 4th trees?

July 8, 2006 – Friday Afternoon Biking

july 7 004.jpg
The cycle path and a stand of older growth forest

july 7 001.jpg
Rathtrevor Park Beach looking east towards Vancouver – can you see Vancouver, BC in the distance? No you can’t.

july 7 006.jpg
Rathtrevor Park Beach looking north – where are all the people?

july 7 005.jpg
The cycle path along the beach

july 7 009.jpg
The one hand on the handle bars and one hand on the camera cycling shot

july 7 011.jpg
The boardwalk beside the tidal pools and bird sanctuary

july 7 010.jpg
Mt. Arrowsmith looking west